Motto: “Receive the light of Knowledge , Bringout the heat of Action.”

II Hari Om II

In Amma’s own words about Chinmayaranyam( in 1995)

Ellayapalli was unknown to us till its villagers donated 24 acres of land to us. I wrote to Gurudev that villagers are donating the land and when it could be possible to perform Bhoomi puja. Gurudev gave his date as 8th feb. 1982.

While going back Sri Gurudev said with a very enthusiastic mood “This Ashram will come up very well. The whole country will look at this. There is no doubt about this”.

Our Gurudev is very dynamic; He never wasted even a single minute and always does number of programmes which are useful to either sadhaks or public. Thus he encourages all of us. After coming here and seeing the entire place when he blessed the land as mentioned above; leaving powerful spiritual forces made the small ashram to grow very swiftly.

By the end of the month one postgraduate brahmachari came and started night school and also satsangs in the village. Within three months two kutias were built and four of five of us have come here to stay. Within one year we started feeding old destitute. In the beginning they were only fifteen. In the same way two orphan girls were brought to the ashram , thus Satya Kama Mandir was started.

There was no water in this land. Yet our Gurudev told thus: “When God gave us land why not water too? Lord will send Ganga devi either from the hillock or from the earth!!”.

Exactly as told by Gurudev the geology department people had pointed out three points and told that this land contains water. So we had three bore wells , two for motor pumps and one for daily use. So ‘our gurudev sent water’. Within eight months the electricity power connections were ready and the water started flowing! The empty barren land started turning into a greeny Garden of Flora and Fauna! !


Thus the ashram has grown and multifarious activities are going on now! Brahmacharins are studying Vedanta both in Telugu and English media and learning Vedic chanting also. A temple, Dhyana mandir, library,kutias for elderly people have come up. More over an orphanage, Hariseva –feeding old destitute, a school with free education and mid-day meals, a Homeo clinic, and AAPI dispensary are coming up. All these developments occurred because of blessings and power of Sri Gurudev and nothing more than that.

Amma’s vision about the project

Just before one year of leaving her body while preparing annual report for the year 1998-1999, she deliberately published pointing out the following guidelines to us and others about how we should run the projects started by her after her departure. But when Swamini Seelananda discussed about some points AMMA very clearly explained that in the course of time the necessary changes can be adopted not going against the following principles which are very important to maintain a conducive atmosphere for the spiritual growth of the ashramites and acharyas.

What we believe and strive for:

  • 1. Ashrams are meant for spiritual evolution and realization of the Supreme. No relaxation or compromise with the Goal should be allowed to creep in by oversight or negligence.
  • 2. Any project which runs on the right lines with the right type of people will get the support of the Lord. There is no need for a collection drive or fund raising schemes.
  • 3. The maximum portion of the amount spent for the project must be utilized for the uplift of the beneficiaries and not for the big edifices or for publicity
  • 4. No service project should ever be started unless it helps the ashramites in their spiritual evolution and the beneficiaries of the project including the staff who are engaged in it.
  • 5. Life is not meant for an easy going but for a hard struggle every minute to go up by the ladder of evolution. Hence the purpose of any project should be to make the beneficiary become aware of it and help him in getting the courage to prepare for the battle of righteous life. The beneficiary should be made to understand the truth of saying, “YATO DHARMAH TATO JAYAH” & “SATYAMEVA JAYATE NAANRITAM”.


Few inevitable and positive changes that occurred in the project:

About the construction of buildings :
Rigidity makes a thing to break, Flexibility makes it mellow

In the beginning when Amma started the asrham the economical condition of the people in and around the village of Ellayapalli is very poor and they were always looking at us what the ashram will do for them. So in those days we had all the structures with mud walls and thatched roofs. In the 15 years span of time we recognized that the villagers are able to build their own pucca houses with the help of Government and no body in the surrounding villages of the Ashram is willing to live in the mud huts and also no skilled person is available to work for thatched roofs; even to collect the thatch for repairing the roofs has become highly difficult task.To maintain the thatched huts has also became challenge after 14to15 years of their construction, we had to allocate recurring expenditure every year for maintaining the kutias since they are very often attacked by white ants, rats, squirrels etc., Though we love and prefer to live in thatched kutias, we are compelled to opt for pucca buildings.

Supply of mid-day meals is not required by villagers:

When we started Chinmaya Hari Hara Vidyalaya in the year 1986, with an objective of encouraging the villagers to send their children to the school, we were providing mid-day meals, free stationery, text-books, etc., After two decades of struggle the villagers became aware of the importance of education. Subsequently , when the financial condition improved, they are not expecting mid-day meals; and now they are prepared to pay the minimum amount of fee also. But still ashram is providing free education, books etc., for genuine cases who need our help.


Altars In Chinmayaranyam

Aranyeswara Temple

During the consecration ceremony Pujya Gurudev (H.H. Swami Chinmayanandaji Maharaj) installed Bana Linga (formed naturally by flow of River Narmada) on 23rd March 1988.

Tapovan Dhyana Mandir

In loving memory of Parama Guru Sri Tapovanji Maharaj , Tapovan Mediation Hall was built in the centenary year, 1989.

Chinmaya Sadan

Sri Gurudev’s Murthy was installed by Pujya Amma on 8th May, 1995

Matru Mandir

Pujya Amma’s (Swamini Sarada Priyanandaji) Samadhi Mandir was inaugurated by Pujya Guruji on April 17th, 2001

Chinmaya Sourabha Stupam

On the occasion of Silver Jubilee celebrations of Chinmayaranyam in 2007, a stupam was built in the place where Sri Gurudev did bhoomi pooja in 8th Feb.1982.

Sri Veera Anjaneya Swamy mandir

Sree Veeranjaneya Swamy Mandir cum prayer hall was built in the premises of Chinmaya Hari Hara Vidyalaya and the consecration was done by Swamini Seelananda in Nov. 2010. Pujya Guruji visited the temple on the occasion of Silver Jubliee Celebrations of Chinmaya Hari Hara Vidyalaya in in Feb.2011


Sri Gurudev’s Message in Chinmayaranyam on 28-03-1988

Friends..!! Just as the sun and sunlight are not two things, God and God’s grace are not two things. The light in the sun is the sun. The sun can never be without light. Similarly the grace of God is the nature of God. God has no existence without His grace. But in order to get that from the sun, I must come out of my house and get exposed to the sun to enjoy the sunlight. If I sit in my house and close all the windows and doors and then complaint that there is no sunlight in my house, I am a fool….! Even when the windows are closed just behind the windows the Lord- the sun is waiting for you to open the windows. The Sun is a very decent guy; he will not open the windows which we have closed, and enter into it. But He will wait patiently until you open the window.

In the same way we don’t open the windows of our heart, and therefore the God’s grace do not reach us. The only way to open the windows is to roll up your sleeves and come out and serve some other human being in the society. This is the greatness of Purushartha. Without Purushartha Iswara Kripa can never come. Even if God wants to give you His Kripa, He cannot give unless you start Purushartha. Do you mean to say that Iswara kripa was not there in this 25 acres long long ago? But when the Swamini came and started work, look at the Purushartha-Iswara kripa all sides. We villagers were never working; we thought that there is no water. But when we saw that swamini is getting water, we started digging wells. Because of the effort Iswara kripa came and water came. With the waters, the fields have become green. But if you don’t work harder Iswara kripa will dry-up.

Sink the differences amongst you and hold your shoulders together and feel that we are all Hindus, WE SHALL WORK TOGETHER’. Our great grand fathers and elders, they worked and made the country so great. Somewhere….. very near grandfather’s time, they stopped working. Grandfather never worked, father never worked, seeing that we also stopped working. Now you saw your own village when you started working God’s grace started coming. In our schools your children are being taught to work. In another 2 or 3 years I will put them all into vegetable gardens and fields. Some parents may feel that we are making the children work. NOBODY HAS EVER DIED BECAUSE OF WORK, EVERYBODY DIES NOT DOING WORK. We will all work together. Together produce wealth for the community. Not for producing wealth for ourselves but for the community. And thus we shall show soon that there is one village at least in this country where we are all working together, every member of the family working together for the benefit of the community.


Such Aadarsaas always came from the jungles. That is why we gave this name Chinmayaranyam. From here we shall send a message for the whole country, that we can produce wealth when we are all shoulder to shoulder working together. Sinking the differences between the community and community if there is any misunderstanding between the families, come here, let Amma decide for you and not go to the court. There can be differences-my land, your land, you put your fence in this land… it is possible! But you come here and settle it in the ashram. In another 10 years time we don’t want police, we don’t want courts we shall be independently running the whole village. Even in the last four years there is a lot of difference in the village. Four years ago when I came I saw the whole village sleeping. Today it is difficult to see anybody sleeping. I am not joking, it’s true. So long as I don’t know my glory, I feel like sleeping. When I know my glory, I want to improve it and develop.

This is called philosophy and religion. It is not merely repeating Ram..! Ram..! by the mouth. Try to live like Rama in your house. Try to live like Hanuman. All these characters are related to teach us how we must live in the world. Surrendering to His Will, in the world outside whatever He gives to us I receive it as Prasad. May be sometimes disease, sometimes sorrow, sometimes losses, sometimes no rain... it can happen..! Receive that also as His Prasad. When success and wealth comes also, receive it as Prasad. In this humbleness, with that mind turned towards Govind, when you are acting on in the world outside, you shall find that this village is growing to be a town. You may ask a question-“Can human effort (Purushartha) alone will bring happiness? Whether it is a national development or a community development or an individual development, Purushartha is important. If Purushartha is there Iswara kripa will come along with it. This is all, the message that I want to give.

The Hari Hara school is an experiment, I am trying all over the country so let the poor children also get the prior chance. And you must have seen those children who would have been starving and has no education at all, today how bright and beautiful they have grown up. What intelligence they must have to remember all the 15th chapter of the Gita. Remember... they don’t know a word or the meaning. Even if you know the meaning in Telugu and if I give you a few slokas many of you cannot remember. Meaning- those children are so intelligent. Such intelligent people are dying only in our country because they never get a chance to come up. In this village I don’t want anybody to suffer because they are poor. That is why the school was started. No doubt it was started as an experiment but even in two years time I am convinced that it is in the right direction. We may not be able to take up all the children in the neighboring villages because I am the only earning member and everybody is to be fed. So then my family is increasing terribly. Therefore we will try to get help from outside of India and various places. And as much as funds we have got we shall be starting the schools all over and try to entertain all students. I think it will be difficult only for the next ten years. By that time everybody will understand that ho…! This method of Chinmayaranyam is the right method for all over the India.
The success of the Aranya is depending upon you. One swamini Amma and one Swami Chinmayananda is not sufficient. All of you must understand the path and start living each one another Amma in the village. Then only it will be done. So this one single Swamini will have to become thousand swaminis. All the ladies in the village must become a Swamini to work in the whole country.