Motto: “Receive the Light of Wisdom Sweetened by the honey of Devotion

Surrounded by green fields, besides the sacred Krishna canal and the panoramic view of Lord Trikooteswara’s temple on the hill, Chinmayaranyam –Trikoota is located. The hill range is called as 'Trikoota' having three peaks named after the Trinity; Brahma konda (peak), Vishnu konda and Rudra konda. Lord Siva did penance here as Dakshina Murthy and so mother Uma Devi became part and parcel of His body as Medha Devi, the power of intelligence. Here the Lord is also called as Koteswara Swami showering His blessings on devotees as Wish-yielding Tree. Many pundits, yogis, Vedantins and the common folk, all types worship Lord and by His grace they get whatever they wished for.

The Lord Trikooteswara Bhagavan’s glory is especially witnessed during ‘Siva Ratri’ festival with countless “illuminating Prabhas” brought from different places, echoing with His name called out loudly by the devotees while doing Giri Pradakshina (going round the hill) along with cattle. Reverberating with sacred Mantras from pundits during poojas, abhishekams the whole atmosphere is filled with divinity filling the hearts of people with inexplicable peace and sanctity.

This is Gurudev’s Prasad!

“I have taken the land for you to start an ashram there!” Sri Gurudev expressed His idea to me when I met Him in Madras in 1984". Pujya Gurudev, when he was in Guntur (A.P) during a Geetha Gnana Yagna a group of 23 or 25 people from Guruvayapalem Sakhamuri family met him and offered five and half acres land to develop ashram there. Gurudev readily accepted the proposal. When I met him in Chennai Gurudev told about the land offered by the above group of devotees. I enquired Gurudev about the place and the people. He said “the place seems to be a very famous Siva Kshetra!” Then I came to know that it is Kotappakonda. So Trikoota ashram land was actually taken by Him and given to us. Sri Gurudev himself did Bhoomi Pooja for the ashram on 27th Feb. 1985.

………..Swamini Sarada Priyananda

  • In 1987 Pujya Gurudev visited the ashram for the second time during Vijayawada Yagna. In the year1990 one year course of Dharma Veera Training was started. Sri Gurudev visited in 1990 Dec. for the third time and consecrated Sri Visweswara Swamy linga and gave the certificates to the first batch of Dharma Veeras
  • “Siva Chinmayam” was built and dedicated to Sri Gurudev by installing His Murthy on 3rd August 1999..
  • In the year 2010, the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of Trikoota Chinmayaranyam were celebrated as a Sadhana Camp by name “Siva Chinmayam” in loving remembrance of Pujya Gurudev. Pujya Guruji graced the occasion.
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    Purpose of Dharma Veera Course:

    A bud when it is exposed to conducive atmosphere unfolds into a fragrant and beautiful flower. So also when man’s inner personality is properly trained the inner abilities and energies channelized in a constructive way ; and such a person leads his own life with courage, facing the challenges with a balanced mind and intellectual poise. Such a person only can contribute something beneficial to the society also.

    In order to have power of restraint one should have to follow certain discipline in day to day life also. So this course is intended for young men and women between 18-35 years with an aim of giving them an exposure about Hindu Way of Life by explaining the significance of our traditions and customs.

    Actually the Dharma Sevak Course which is known to all now has its source in Trikoota-Chinmayaranyam as Dharma veera Course. In 1990 December, Pujya Gurudev came to Trikoot to give cerficates to the first batch. When he went through the syllabus, in the public meeting he announced:

    “This Dharma Veera Programme is absolutely new one discovered by Amma and I am shamelessly copying her. Next year onwards I am also starting in Bombay the same. But that will be a three months training. I will start this as Dharama Sevak not Veera.”

    …………Sri Gurudev ; 25th Dec. 1991 (In Trikoota-Chinmayaranyam)

    Youngsters below the age of thirty years are given residential training in Geetha , Ramayana, Bhagavata and Mahabharata, vedic chanting, performing pujas and other rituals according to their interest. At the end of the course they are given a certificate. It is a free course providing food, accommodation, books. We found good results because most of them became brahmacharins and others who go back to their houses are helping the Mission at their level.Till 2011, more than 170 youngsters have undergone training. Out of them 19 have become the acharyas of Chinmaya Mission and serving the ashrams and Mission centers in different cadres.

    • Every year two batches are trained; from july-Dec and Jan-June. Elders also can join as guest students.

    Other Activities:

  • Two annual camps are conducted Magha Sadas in the month of Feb, and Kartika Sadas in November since 1986.
  • In May 1996 , first summer camp for children “Bala Sadas” was commenced. Every year in the ashram residential camp for 10 days (Bala sadas) is being continued for children below 15 years.
  • Annual Geetha Chanting competitions are also organized by Dharma Veeras and Acharyas in the nearby towns.

  • Guru is the Saviour!

    If you have doubt please read the following! This is not a miracle but an actual fact!

    It is said that Sri Guru Padukas are like sailing boat which takes the seeker to the other shore of the ocean of Samsar. Devotion to Guru Padukas is highly praised in all our scriptures. We may not know in depth all that is signified by Guru Padukas until one has got one’s own experience. But in Trikoota ashram we are direct witness for the following incident: In summer especially in May nobody expects to rain in Guntur district. But an unusual thing occurred in May1989. There was heavy down pour of rain and water started gushing from Trikoota hill from all sides. The whole ashram was drowned under water. Somehow the secretary, Smt. Tirupatamma and her niece managed to come out of the water and took shelter in the small house besides the ashram for two days! After the third day people saw that all the mud walls of the kutias collapsed and all the kutias are to be built again!

    When everything was immersed in water for three days to the surprise of everybody in Amma’s kutia the box containing Sri Gurudev’s padukas is intact. All the three walls and roof of Amma’s kutia are also damaged but nothing could touch Pujya Amma’s photo and Sri Gurudev’s padukas. Within one year new kutias were built and Sri Gurudev stepped in the ashram for inauguration of Sri Visweswara temple”. Thus it is evident that Sri Guru Padukas are the Real Saviour of spiritual Seekers.