The following write up was prepared by Pujya Sarada Priyananda Amma on 26/1/2000 in Chennai

Sandeepany –Chinmayaryam functions in a different way from other Sandeepanies. It has no inauguration, no fuction. Actually speaking it began before the ashram came into existence. As I was running around during yagnas continuously, two or three brahmacharins were always accompanying me and I started the classes for them according to Bombay syllabus.

When the Ashram started in 1982 Swamini Bodhananda seny by Gurudev from Kerala, Br. Prasad
and Br. Gopinath were present. So for Bodhanada and Gopinath classes were in English and for Prasad classes in Telugu continued.

  • As per the tradition set by Gurudev when I was a student in Bombay, students were taken as and when they come and earlier texts were taken separately. Thus the English and telugu courses are found overlapping while one batch was going on, the second batch was also started, so there is no clear cut division.
  • For the first and second batches I was the only acharya and students were taken along with me sometimes to finish the earlier texts. Afterwards Bodhananda and Seelananda were trained and they were also helping me by taking some texts. Slowly Seelanada started taking almost all the texts in Telugu course and now started taking classes for English course also.



When I was a student in Bombay, we were given brahmacharya deeksha in the beginning of the course itself, and yellow cloth is also given. The same is continued for the first three batches in Chinmayaranyam but afterwards we started giving Upanayana deeksha in the beginning of the course and yellow dress after the completion of the course. The Upanayana deeksha for the students is necessary because some of them must have to supervise the performance of Sandhyavandana of our children and also do temple service.

Some special features about the training course:

  • a) One peculiarity is, there is neither time limit nor qualification limit for the students to join. As and when they come we admit if they have dispassion and sincerity. No hurrying up is done to complete their training within two or three years. Even after the training is over the students are allowed to stay in the ashram doing their sadhana and serving the ashram. When they are ready to go out, we post them to the Mision Centres. For all the working brahmacharin, Ashram is like home, they come and spend time according to their “need”, now and then free of any charges. No brochures are published for Rishi putra Scheme. The same will continue in future.

  • b) The students are anywhere from illiteracy to post graduation and we take them according to their spirit of service and dispassion. Naturally those students with little education cannot follow the texts even though they attend. The qualified students can do the yagnas and half qualified students give few talks; give bhajans when they go out for prachar in rural areas. Sice there are multifarious activites in Chinmayarnyam-Ellayapalli(Children’s satsangs, adult satsang daily morning and evening, temple service, kitchen service, horticulture,library,book stall,occasional rituals etc., ) and four other ashrams. These students are useful for such types of works.
  • Vedanta training is continued and followed in the same lines as before.
    Acharyas staying in the ashrams do prachar work apart from
    maintaining the ashram activities and serving the projects.
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    Brahma Sadas

    Since 1996 we are conducting annual state level conference of all the representatives from Mission centres alongwith the Pracharaks. In one of the very first conference, the Brahmacharins expressed their need to come together for retreat so that they could spend some time exclusively in study, reflection and meditation, withdrawing themselves from the routine work. The details are as follows:

    YearDuration Place Text Explained Text discussed
    1996 7 daysChinmayaranyam, EllayapalleNyaya DarshanaMundaka Upanishad & Katha Upanishad
    19971 month -do-i)Chandogya Upanishad
    ii) Sanskrit Grammar by Sw. Prasannatmananda
    Chandogya Upanishad
    1998 15 daysSanthi AshramSoumya Kasisa StotramSoumya Kasisa Stotram
    1999 15 daysJuvvala Palem Tripura RahasyamTripura Rahasyam

  • In the year 2011, Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayanandaji conducted Brahma Sadas for 7 days at Chinmayaranyam, Ellayapalle and gave discourses on Mandukyopanishad. All the Acharyas from Andhra Pradesh Parcticipated.
  • Number of Acharyas trained during 1982- 1999 :  21

  • Number of Acharyas trained during 2000- 2010 :  12
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