Bring The Lamp Where There is Darkness


  • Merit Scholarships:
  • Every year Merit Scholarships are awarded to encourage the hardworking and meritorious students;and also incentives are given to the best performing teachers.

  • Free Education:
  • For students from economically backward families, Ashram provides books and free education without any tuition fee.

  • Support for Higher studies:
  • To those students who pass 10th standard with more than 70% and who need financial support for college studies, the ashram extends helping hand. It is glad to notice that now in the surrounding areas of ashram parents are happy to see their children after completing MBAs,MCAs and also P.G courses and working in cities

  • To bring out the all-round development in the children, besides the academic curriculum children are given training in extra-curricular activities like games, sports and competitions are conducted in drawing, elocution, essay writing , quiz,Telugu poems , rangoli etc.,
  • The School has got 18 spacious pucca class rooms(plus four kutias) and good furniture.
  • The ashram has provided bus facility also for the children to cover around 30 villages.
  • The children are thoroughly exposed to the Indian culture through excursions and field trips.

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    Special Activity


    Kindle the lamp of Thy Heart; Spread Thy splendor all around

    Along with the regular academics children are given value education through Chinmaya Vision Programme. This helps the children in their all-round development and also to unfold and uplift their inner personality which prepares them ready to face all the challenges in life. In our ancient gurukula system both secular and sacred sciences are beautifully blended together to prepare the student to face battle of life with a balanced mind, without forgetting the main objective of human life. Chinmaya Hari Hara vidyalaya works in this direction giving equal importance to both academic and moral education in order to help the child to develop Integrated personality with a heart filled with Patriotism and a head inspired with the vision of Universal Outlook which is the very breath of our ancient Indian Culture.

    Salient points in CVP implementation:


    It is one of the 16 samskaraas an individual should be given at different stages of one’s life in order to purify and bring out the latent divinity through a ritual and worship in order to invoke the blessings of the Mother of Learning. In ancient Hindu culture a child before joining the school was initiated into learning by worshipping the Goddess of Knowledge, Sri Saraswathi Devi on the auspicious Magha Suddha Panchami day.

    “The purpose of Education is to bring out the divinity which is lying dormant in the human heart”. Hence education of the newly joining children in our school starts with a ‘Samskara’ called ‘Aksharabhyasa. From in and around villages of Chinmayaranyam the mothers bring their little ones to the ashram on Saraswathi Pooja day and participate in the worship. After the pooja Swamini Seelananda amma holding the hand of each child makes them to write ‘Om Namah Sivaya, Siddham Namah with a turmeric piece in a plate filled with rice. After that the child is made to write the first letter of alphabet “AKAARA”. Thus the child begins the journey in the path of pursuing knowledge in an auspicious manner.

    Worshiping one’s own Mother (Mathru Pooja):

    In order to create the feeling that one’s own mother should be revered and looked upon as God, on 5th November in the loving remembrance of Pujya Amma’s Jayanthi, all the children come with pooja items along with their mothers and worship them sitting at their feet.

    It is a healthy custom in Hinduism that we teach the children that God is worshipped through many forms and names. Among different altars of worship the first place is given to one’s own Mother, then father, then teacher and then a guest who comes to their home without any appointment. Thus we teach “ Mathru devo bhava, Pithru devo bhava, Acharya devo bhava and atithi devo bhava”

    To sow the seeds of patriotic ideas in the hearts of children all the National festivals like Independence day, Republic day, Teacher’s day, Gandhi Jayanthi etc., are celebrated with fervor and devotion. Each time children learn about a great national leader.

    • To encourage teachers to understand the practicality of the theme of Bhagavat Geetha every year one chapter is explained. After listening to it teachers will speak on allotted topics and best speakers are awarded with prizes. Teachers prepare and perform a skit based on the theme which they learnt in that particular academic year. Children from all classes come batch wise and participate in Geetha Homa and pay obeisance to Parama Guru Sri Tapovan Maharaj
    • There are mass drill and yoga sessions apart from games periods in the curriculum to aid physical development. Sports and games competitions are conducted every year.

    The implementation of CVP is regularly monitored by an acharya of the ashram. Guided and trained by the acharya the teachers take value education classes to the children as a part of the curriculum from Nursery to X std. For best performance both teachers and children are given prizes.