Motto: Spirituality is neither the luxury of the rich nor privilege of the poor. It is the choice of a wise man

  • In the year 1975 Pujya Gurudev asked the then President of Chinmaya Mission Proddatur Sri J.vemaiah to start Telugu Division of CCMT Publications and henceforth Telugu translations of Sree Gurudev’s commentaries are published form Proddatur.
  • Amma’s motive is that majority of the people who attend Gnana Yagnas in towns and villages are from middle and lower middle class only; and hence we should supply books at considerably low prizes. With the permission from Pujya Gurudev, in the year 1988, Amma started Chinmayaranyam Publications Trust in Guntur through which commentaries and books written by Amma were published.
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  • CCMT Telugu Publications Division was merged in to Chinmayaranyam Publications Trust in 1997and the head quarters was shifted to Bhimavaram.
  • My Dear Child is a CD which contains English songs written by Amma for children.
  • Commentaries on 13 Upanishads, Vishnu Purana and other subjects written by Amma in English are yet to be published in two volumes.
  • Sri Gurudev’s commentaries on all subjects are to be re-translated and published.

    ARANYA SPANDANA is a Telugu monthly magazine serving as a link between Chinmayaranyam complex & Seekers of Vedanta for more than 27 years. It was started in the year 1984 by Pujya Amma in the form of a small booklet, printed from nearby town Sri Kalahasthi and postings were done from Chinmayaranayam. In the year 1988 two dedicated members of Vijayawada Chinmaya Mission Smt Rajakumari amma and Shanta Devi took the total responsibility of publishing and posting. They did it upto2004. Now Chinmayaranyam Publications Trust based at ‘Bheemavaram’ is continuing the job with the same enthusiasm and dedication .

    Apart from publishing articles on spiritual topics, it also gives coverage to the themes of Patriotism, and Indian Culture and heritage. The magazine covers all the regular news about the activities and spiritual camps from all the Chinmaya Mission Centres of A.P.