Source Of Inspiration

Recalling this event Mathaji said...

"8th Feb. 1982 early morning by 7.30 a.m. Sri Gurudev’s car entered the Ellayapalli village which is about one mile from the main road, without any regular road but foot paths leading in many directions. We enquired the way and reached the Ellayapalli village. That was the day of Bhoomi puja. We came from Tirupathi; three other cars and two buses are lagging behind.

Gurudev started walking along the two streets of Ellayapalle village. The people were just staring at, without even coming out of their huts and not knowing what to do. But in harizan lane an elderly man came out of his hut lifting up his hands in salutations. Immediately Sri Gurudev embraced in all love and said loudly 'Hari Om...' That was the real Bhoomi puja for Chinmayaranyam Complex.

"In his long vision Sri Gurudev set in motion the forces that were to operate there and the type of services that were to come up".

Sri Gurudev sprinkling milk, turmeric water, sacred rice and flowers worshipped Mother Earth and sanctified the twenty-four acre land by his tapas and prayers. He narrated the story of the young man who worked upon a dry piece of land to convert it into a beautiful garden and illustrated how man had to offer only two percent as his contribution to anything from Nature. The Lord would bless the man by doing the other 98 percent.


Sri Gurudev proclaimed that this Ashram would be a new type of Ashram where the poor and needy would be served with love and affection. It would set an example to the whole country to show how village upliftment had to be done.

The village had two wells of which one was dry and the second would go dry any moment. Against this background Swamiji was visualizing a forest around the Ashram, which appeared to be a pipe dream to many. Pointing out with his walking stick to two banyan trees, standing on either side of the land, Swamiji said, "Dig along the line that connects the two trees. Water is sure to come. I invoke Lord Eswara’s blessings to release His Ganga from the top of the Hill or from the Bowls of the earth”.

"And yes, water did spring forth from the bore-well when it was dug. Everybody was surprised to see water in the place where He pointed out to dig."

In this context Pujya Amma expressing her adoration towards her Master remarked, "Where he sits is a Temple and where he treads is hallowed ground"

From the day One, the Ashram grew in a miraculous manner expanding into Chinmayaranyam Complex, gloriously manifesting the Will of God and Guru through the inspired and unstinting efforts, tireless tapas, and divine determination of Pujya Amma. A banyan tree sends down its ariel roots which get embedded in the earth and soon develops as an independent tree. So too Chinmayaranyam at Ellayapalli led to the formation of four other ashrams one by one, each having an independent programme. The Mother Ashram has become a focal point for other affiliated institutions namely Chinmayaranyam-Trikoota, Chinmaya Sarada Tapovanam, Chinmaya Yoga Ashramam, Chinmaya Geeta Ashramam, and Chinmayaranyam Publications Trust.

Chosen by Pujya Swamini Amma ,Swamini Seelananda, one of the foremost among the disciples of Her, is presently serving the Chinmayaranyam group of Ashrams.