When the ashram was started in 1982 there was only a small govt. school under a tree in village. Villagers then did not think much of sending their children to the school. We were told that there was not even a single person who could write his own name. The children without a fresh morning bath would go to the fields or to graze with uncombed hair and untidy clothes. In those days it was really a challenge to get the children to join in the school because villagers were not in a position to understand the necessity of education. It was such a time Amma felt the need to create interest in education by some means. Thus in 1986 Amma Started Chinmaya Hari Hara School Provinding Free education and mid-day meals.

Since then ashram provided free education, books etc. and also snacks in the evenings for children in order to encourage them to participate in evening satsangs by which they get an exposure to Hindu culture. Thus Chinmaya Hari Hara School was the first of its kind in Chinmaya Mission which was dedicated to create awareness in the minds of rural folk towards education. Pujya Gurudev blessed the school in March 1988 and felt very much delighted to see the little children chanting slokas from Geetha. Thus Chinmaya Hari Hara School served the villagers in the surrounding areas of the ashram for 25 years giving everything free.

A Positive Change!

In the course of time the villagers recognized the importance of education and their financial position had also improved from what it was few years ago. There was a demand for English medium education. Accordingly in Chinmaya Hari Hara School the medium of education is changed to English . The strength of the school too increased annually. Thus Chinmaya Hari Hara Vidyalaya crossed many mile stones extending its services to more than 600 children hailing from 30 villages.