( Poor Feeding )

Service to the people is service to the Lord of Lords

Keeping in mind the above prayer of Chinmaya Mission , Pujya Amma started Hari Seva programme since the very beginning of the ashram. About ‘how Hari Seva started’ Amma used to say:
“When we sit to take food one or two old people from somewhere used to come over there and sit there looking at us. Without giving food to the hungry ones how we can eat.”
Thus Amma felt and started Hari Seva in the year 1982.. Slowly people from surrounding places came to know about the seva in the ashram and the number of old destitute started increasing.

  • Ashram Provides rice to 175 old destitute on every alternate saturdays and they are also given lunch on that day.
  • Occasionally they are also given clothes, bed sheets etc., when the donors come forward to do so.
  • When the Hari Seva people come for ration they also go to the AAPI charitable hospital for medical needs.