• In Hindu culture it is believed that three crores of Gods reside in the Holy body of a cow. And the seva of Go-Mata is considered to be the worship of God. All that the cow gives including Gomaya and Gomutra are all sattwic, pure and healthy.
  • In the beginning there were only two cows and two bulls in the Ashram. As the Ashram grew up the progeny of cows also grew in number. Now in the place of old thatched shed, pucca cattle shed with all amenities is provided. The bulls are used for agriculture purposes. The cows yield milk for daily use. Of course the yield of milk does not cater to the need of the whole ashram with its strength of about two hundred.

  • Though the cows become old and unyielding, with the gratitude that they have served us for many years they are being taken care of till their last breath. After their death also the last rites are performed with love and respect.
  • As the Faith so the Result. With staunch faith and devotion in the heart , if a cow is served man receives blessings, since cow is considered to be purest among animal kingdom. In Chinmayaranyam one of our brahmacharinis was cured of Asthma from which she was suffering since her teen age. It just disappeared unnoticed.
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