Motto: “Close the eyes which see the outer illusions, for the Inner vision to gain Supreme illumination.”

The ashram with 2.5 acres of land near Renigiunta Rly. Junction was handed over to Amma to run it on Chinmaya Mission lines by Brahmaleena Swami Kaleswaranandaji in May 1999. It serves as a home for Vanaprasthas. Satsang, Nama Japa and Vedanta class are a part of daily routine in the ashram.

For Golden Jubilee year of Chinmaya Mission, Pujya Amma had a wish to bring out Bhagawad Geetha in Braille as a project of Chinmaya Geetha Ashram in remembrance of founder of the Ashram Pujya Kaleswarananda Swami. The work was completed and Bhagawad Geetha in Braille was released by Pujya Guruji in Viswa Sammelan in Dec. 2001. The books are available in Chinmaya Geetha Ashram.

Ugadi Sadas :

During Vasantha Navaratris Lord Rama is worshipped from Ugadi (the Telugu New year day) to Sri Rama Navami. Sri Sita Rama Kalyanam Sri Rama Pattabhishekam and Procession of the murthys are performed with great enthusiasm and devotion. People relish the Pravachans on Ramayana during these navaratris.

Devi Navaraatris:

During month of Aswayuja(Oct.) Sarannavaratries are celebrated and 'Mother' is decorated and worshipped in different forms. People from surrounding areas participate in the poojas. Devi Bhagavata is studied and explained in evening sessions.

  • "Geetha Chanting is taught to the children and competitions are organized in and around schools of the ashram."
  • Summer camps for children in and around the Ashram are conducted and are very well appreciated by all parents.